Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Sunday, November 30, 2008


After an hour long ordeal,Surya Jai and myself managed to light up a campfire from the damp twigs and leaves.

Secluded in the forests,is a great location.Descended precariously stepping on the rocks to avoid falling into the stream.

The sane vicinity we spotted the squirrels.There was a small rivulet and the place was infested with insects and butterflies.
En route to Mannarkaad.

The Great Indian Squirrel.Or the Flying Squirrel.

We were on ride through the usual route through the forests.Surya spotted it in the middle of a phone call!there were three and we were watching their antics for a while.It was a great sight.And they can jump huge distances!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Despite a nagging friend with me,I manged this snap.En route home,glimpsed this pattern and shot it as others who passed by gaped at at an uncouth guy with a camera on the roadside.

Railway Station,Coimbatore North.

Restless waiting for mom,took this photo.Rather than a functioning railway station of a major city,it appears like one of a remote village.

Clicked it the first day I got the camera.
Again,the swamp behind my home.Shot the tree in various angles and shots but liked this the best it fit the whole frame and snapped it the exact moment the bird flew.

Near the Canada Power plant,Kil Kundha.

Perching precariously,I shot this snap.The water was icy cold.The "Splash",and the pristine white make a good snap.

Friday, November 7, 2008

On a rainy day,from the Jasmine vine in my house.
The flash in the camera brought out the rich green of the leaf which was washed by the rain.

I was infarct restless that day as i was unable to gout due to the rain and was irritated indoors.So i decided to experiment with my camera and ended up with this.Maybe i should have focused on the dew drop behind too.Will improvise the next time.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alyar Dam at night.Those who haven't tried to click photos in total darkness might not find anything amusing about the photo.But its very difficult to shoot and depends on the versatility of one's camera.This the longest exposure with a relatively high ISO setting and focal length possible in my camera.

Though entering the dam at night is forbidden,Surya took us through an alternative way evading security. a fabulous dinner,thanks to Surya's mom, with Black Label.A memorable night.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shot through the windshield of the Innova I was in.

I like the snap for its rustic portrayal.

These snaps were shot in the same vicinity.Outskirts of Ooty, amidst the tea estates and silver oaks,eucalyptus and pines.The eerie silent,far away from the buzz of the city,made one relax and feel closer to one's own self in seconds.

One could just stand there in awe and admiration of literally nothing but enjoying the ambiance.The fresh and the crisp air,transcends you into a whole different world.Your mind really cannot process anything.You just cannot think.Its best to stand there and absorb and savour the moment.

Unfortunately the photos aren't very clear and is with considerable noise.That is the best my camera could handle.The blue at dusk along with the moon made it picturesque.Its a soft blue which makes a good background.And is very difficult to capture because as the dusk sets in the sky usually turns gray and then black unlike the blue here.
Every time i look at these snaps,I can feel the cold air against me face.

Looks surreal,doesn't it? Believe me,you wont trust your eyes when you see the place.
Its a swamp behind my locality.And for those familiar with Coimbatore,Its on the way to Perur.

Shot during the rainy season,the swamp was filled with water and vegetation was ample.Taken in the afternoon,light wasn't an issue .I like this picture for the for splash of different colours,especially soft colours and the finer details.

Would you believe that this is on was shot from my terrace?!And that those are my neighbor's coconut trees!I had to shoot carefully to avoid my neighbor's water tank sneaking in!But at last turned out to be a great snap.

Unlike many think,this is sunrise and not sunset.This was shot when i was in a drunken stupor!After a night's drunken spree at Pragadish's place,I had a look at the rising sun as i was riding home dazed.The first thing i did after reaching home was to run to the terrace with the camera.

This is were we ran in and out of luck.We were very lucky to spot a herd of elephants feed on the greenery and play havoc with the trees.But this was the last snap as my camera ran out of charge.

Taken on a chilly,drizzling day in Munnar.We(six of us) went there on an unscheduled trip.Actually we ended up in Munnar,thanks to Suryas relentless driving throughout the night, as our planned trip Silent Valley went for a huge toss due to torrential rains.

Shot on Vinod's,Sony,the photo has amazing clarity.The greenery was rejuvenating and has fallen great on the photo.An excellent snap but a for a small blotch due to the droplet on the lens as it was drizzling.Could have photoshopped it but can never get it out of my mind.Afterfall,more the photo relates to one,the better.
Was shot on the way to Manjur,a small town secluded in the scenic beauty of The Nilgris.
Meandering through the winding roads in the car along,with Senthil,cold fresh air against our faces,we chanced this.

In fact Senthil was the first one to point it out.The view was great as we were on a curve facing the valley.The moon looked pristine,in its full glory.Was a great sight.I shot this just before dusk as the lights were fading out.I had to compromise on the finer details as i had to zoom in.