Wednesday, November 5, 2008

These snaps were shot in the same vicinity.Outskirts of Ooty, amidst the tea estates and silver oaks,eucalyptus and pines.The eerie silent,far away from the buzz of the city,made one relax and feel closer to one's own self in seconds.

One could just stand there in awe and admiration of literally nothing but enjoying the ambiance.The fresh and the crisp air,transcends you into a whole different world.Your mind really cannot process anything.You just cannot think.Its best to stand there and absorb and savour the moment.

Unfortunately the photos aren't very clear and is with considerable noise.That is the best my camera could handle.The blue at dusk along with the moon made it picturesque.Its a soft blue which makes a good background.And is very difficult to capture because as the dusk sets in the sky usually turns gray and then black unlike the blue here.
Every time i look at these snaps,I can feel the cold air against me face.

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Kirutika said...

the first one is really good. reminds me of a diamond ring for some reason